Emergency Services

Some of our services and specialties

Emergency Services

We believe in advanced healthcare and aim to provide the best treatment to all our patients. Medical emergencies can occur at any time, therefore we have a dedicated team that is available 24/7 to handle all emergencies.

Our Specialties Emergency Care

SRM Hospitals Mambalam Emergency Care is a scientifically developed protocol-driven emergency system. The system has several unique and innovative features


  • Ambulances that are well equipped and manned by trained personnel –indeed a veritable 'Hospital on Wheels'.
  • Ambulance Services for remote areas and life-threatening emergencies.
  • Effective communication system between the central control room, ambulances and the emergency facilities in the hospitals.
  • Standardised emergency rooms in the hospitals that are a part of the network.
  • Common functional and medical protocols across the system.
  • Training of doctors and other personnel required for pre-hospital and in-hospital care.
  • 'Dost'- an accident insurance card to increase affordability.
  • Life Savers'- a community involvement programme for rescuing emergency victims and mobilising emergency response

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